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Some people spend their life staring at the sky, and others fixated on the ground. For Todd Carrison, Founder of, it’s both. Growing up in Olathe, Kansas, Todd spent some of his childhood at the downtown Kansas City municipal airport – watching commercial airliners take-off and land with his dad. They would often sit at the end of the runway where they could feel the power and grace of these giant planes flying low overhead. “Being involved in aviation has always been a lifelong dream of mine,” he says.


When Todd was young his dad earned his pilot’s license which gave Todd the opportunity to experience traveling around the country the way few families do. “I loved looking down at the tiny, slow-moving people, cars, and houses,” he remembers. “Many times, they didn’t even appear to be moving.” Todd’s journey in his life long passion for aircraft was just beginning.


Todd learned control-line flying with little Cox engine airplanes. “I had a blast building, flying, crashing, and rebuilding model airplanes over and over again,” he says. “Almost all of my free time was spent messing around with airplanes and learning about their limits, but mostly, learning about their potential.”


Over the past three decades, Todd and his dad have owned a Cessna 172, Cessna 182, and a Turbo Charged Piper Arrow; his dad even built and flew a WWI Siemens-Schuckert from a set of plans. Todd now has over 1,000 hours in flying full scale aircraft.


Todd's first experience with radio controlled airplanes was with a plane called a Fledgling; it didn't end well for the plane but for Todd it started a new life adventure. Today he mostly fly's electric & fuel airplanes made of foam or balsa. He also likes to build planes using plans or kits, but is considering trying to build from scratch as well.


Todd realized early the only reason he was successful at the hobby was because he had REAL flying experience. “Without the real life flying experience, I would have quit the hobby a long time ago”. He noticed there was little help available, and the online help seemed to be completely geared toward the experienced radio control pilots leaving the beginners to figure out the hobby by themselves. Todd also quickly learned that very little advancements in the hobby had been achieved during the past 30 years. “I felt I needed to help get the next generation involved to speed things up and the only way to do that is to get families off the video game couch and engaged in a real life activity; imagination creates ingenuity.”


With the love for aviation Todd created “I had such a great experience with aviation growing up I want other families to be able to experience the joy of flying in a way that is not only affordable and fun, but educational too!” Todd knows helping people to think on their own inspires greatness. “I feel strong family values which include God can teach the entire family how do deal with success as well as failure.” He believes failure inspires greatness to the ones who are willing to live their dreams and success inspires the willingness to give to others to help them achieve their dreams. “My mission is to get families involved in a hobby that could truly change the world.”

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