Stephen LewisThe basic "Flight Forces" involved in every flight are lift, weight, thrust, and drag. These all seem like pretty simple terms, however, one minor change in any of the basics of flight automatically alters the characteristics of the other three. Most people have heard the term "for every action there is a reaction" and it is no different when it comes to aerodynamics. Steve Lewis teaches the “Flight Forces” segment of the "Beyond The Flightline" podcast for good reason. He is an expert in educating listeners about the various forces affecting flight.


Steve is a graduate from Southern Illinois University with Honors: magna cum laude, Dean’s List, in both “Bachelor of Science in Aviation Management” and “Associate of Applied Science in Aviation Flight”. He also holds an FAA Airline Transport Pilot’s license, is an FAA Certified Flight Instructor, and a FAA Advanced Ground Instructor. His total flight time exceeds 2,450 hours. Steve also speaks Brazilian Portuguese.


The next time you listen to "Flight Forces" be ready to increase your knowledge of flight as well as improve your flying skills. Steve is also an excellent writer on the subject of flight, be sure to stop by the forum and educate yourself of search for "writeflier" for a completed list of Steve's articles. Remember, there is no such thing as a dumb questions, so if you have a question, post it in the forum so Stephen can answer it. Who knows, maybe your post will be featured in the next podcast edition of "Flight Forces".


Listen to podcast Interviews with Steve Lewis:


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